Help for the picture viewer

There are sets for Skin, Ace, Cass and Mark. Also there are two more for pictures from videos, and others.

If you for example wanted to see the pictures I have for Skin, then click on the picture of Skin, and a new page will open. If your web browser supports Java, you will see a big box in the center of the screen. Hopefully there will be a picture in it.

Above the picture is a little description of what it is. This is also a pull down menu that lists all the pictures. Click on it and it will expand to show some of the picture choices available to you, eg. skin1, skin2, skin3, etc. Choose the picture you want, and then press the 'Click to view' button that is to the left of the list. The new picture will download and appear.

You can see how much of the picture is downloaded from the little red/ white progress bar in the bottom right of the box.

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