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My Ugly Boy (2010-07-20 08:51:15) (posted by Kelv)
New track My Ugly Boy from the upcoming WonderLustre LP should be out in the next two weeks. Here's a live performance of it from Pinkpop 2010.

Skunk Anansie to reunite? (2008-09-30 04:23:49) (posted by Kelv)
Oh the excitement of a few words! A few days ago Skin's MySpace page status changed to say "SKUNK ANANSIE GIGS also coming soon...".

According to the Sun newspaper, Cass says "There will be new music and a tour at the end of the year. We’ll only do one gig in London, though, at the Shepherds Bush Empire."

Ace at the Riffathon 2005 (2005-07-15 15:49:26) (posted by Kelv)
'ACE' TO PLAY AS A HEADLINE ACT AT THE RIFFATHON FINAL ON SUNDAY 24th JULY 2005 Ex-Skunk Anansie guitarist, Ace has toured the world many times and sold millions of albums. Ace is an in-demand rock producer and regular contributor to Guitarist magazine. His new band Inner Mantra have been likened to a modern day Black Sabbath; Seriously rocking riffs and great guitar sounds from the man who invented gnarly guitar!!

Inner Mantra (2005-05-05 16:32:25) (posted by Kelv)
Ace's new band, Inner Mantra will be playing at The Joiners in Southampton, UK on Tuesday May 10th. The line up is... 22:00 Inner Mantra 21:15 My Mantra 20:30 Plastic Toys

Mike Figgis - Hotel (2004-09-12 16:42:53) (posted by Kelv)
Acclaimed director and gifted trumpeter/composer Mike Figgis makes his Burning Shed debut with the enigmatic and haunted soundtrack to his revolutionary movie, Hotel.

Featuring contributions from legendary drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, the album additionally contains a devastating 10 minute collaboration with Skunk Anansie's Skin.

Available now from, priced £12.00 plus shipping

Site updates (2003-10-22 20:57:01) (posted by Kelv)
While fixing the link to the Hedonism tabs and adding some for Brazen I noticed just how ancient some of the html on the site is. I'm in two minds about tidying it up as while it's old and crap looking, it makes me feel nostalgic for when I first created my SA pages. I've also tidied up the ancient Lycos guestbook a bit, though I really want to get rid of it and put my own code up.. much nicer and no adverts.

Ace's album (2003-10-22 20:33:38) (posted by Kelv)
I know I promised a review, my bad. If you didn't already know, Still Hungry is on sale everywhere, and it's very good. Support Ace & Snapper and get the CD from here. Track Listing...
  1. Jet From California - Jason Perry from A
  2. Back Up - Benji from Skindred
  3. One Way Love - Lemmy from Motorhead
  4. There's No Pleasin' Some People - Saffron from Republica
  5. No Fear Of Falling - Shingai from SonaR Fly
  6. Skiers Of Texas - J.J.Burnell - The Stranglers
  7. Glass Ceiling - Ben Edwards from Miocene
  8. Your Face Hurts - YAP from One Minute Silence
  9. 45 Grave - Cliff Jones from Gay Dad
  10. Prisoner - Skye from Morcheeba
  11. This Is The Last Time - Smokey Banditz
  12. Mind Taken Over - Kim Nail
  13. Phoenix - Shingai from SonaR Fly
  14. We Be - Smokey Banditz

Still Hungry (2003-08-17 03:54:23) (posted by Kelv)
Snapper were kind enough to send me a promo for Ace's new album, Still Hungry. I've had a week or two to listen to it now and it's pretty good! A review will follow.

Flesh Wounds (2003-05-23 05:55:24) (posted by Kelv)
Skin's new CD Flesh Wounds is out June 2nd on EMI in the UK. It'll cost me $37 to get it now I've moved to the US, but will be worth every cent.

Tracks... 1. Faithfulness, 2. Trashed, 3. Don't let me down, 4. Listen to yourself, 5. Lost, 6. The Trouble With Me, 7. I'll try, 8. You've Made Your Bed, 9. As Long As That's True, 10. Burnt Like You and 11. 'Til Morning Comes.

Skin performed a mix of these and older Skunk Anansie tracks at a recent live radio concert in Germany. No cameras were allowed but (my new best friend) Kristine managed to take a few sneaky photos, which will appear here soon.

Oh and gone are the days of Skin's shaven head. Whatever the reason (just too bloody cold in winter?) it looks good :) A new hairdo for a new era of Skin.

Where are they now? (2003-01-19 17:56:51) (posted by Kelv)
A few people have asked what Skin, Ace, Cass and Mark are working on these days, so to quote an e-mail I sent recently, here are some answers. Of course if you know more let me know! :)

Skin is working on a solo album, to be released by Chrysalis. Cass has some involvement in it, though I'm not sure to what degree or whether he's playing. Skin also featured mid 2002 on the Ed's Guest List album by Ed Case, from which a single was released that July called Good Times.

Ace is colaborating with various artists and has a lot going on. His new album, Still Hungry (UK and USA releases) is due out soon. See his site for the goods, though you'll need Flash 5 installed to view it. In the meantime Ace has been busy working on music for other artists, and wrote much of Caroline Alexander's "Say it now" album, including the "Yellow Baby" single due out in Febrary 2003 via O2 Records.

Cass has kept a fairly low profile, working on his photography and some music, e.g. Skin's new solo album.

Mark joined the UK band Feeder to record their 4th album, called Comfort in Sound.

Video clips (2002-12-17 21:27:22) (posted by Kelv)
If you'd be interested in me reviving the video clip section please e-mail me and let me know the clips you'd like to see. I'll get the most popular ones up as soon as there's been reasonable feedback :)

Requests for tabs and stuff (2002-12-17 21:23:35) (posted by Kelv)
I've been getting a lot of requests for guitar tabs so will be putting some more up soon. Good music never dies!

Site relaunch (2002-04-14 17:19:56) (posted by Kelv)
There were so 404's showing in the error logs I knew what I had to do, so the SA site is back, with pictures, tabs & lyrics. Alas all the old news was zapped when the database it lived in died.

SA Split :( (2001-04-26 01:25:47) (posted by Kelv)
Well, the gang have been doing their own projects for a while so it was always a possibility they might dispand, and now they have. Good news though, both Ace and Skin are working on solo albums, with the latter slated for release in Spring 2002. Cass has pursuing his photographic ambitions while Mark is aiming for the big screen. It's a sad day, but still, who's complaining? We got some excellent albums and brilliant gigs over the years. To Skin, Ace, Cass and Mark, we salute you! Every success in the future :)

Discography Update (2000-08-21 04:47:28) (posted by Kelv)
I've added the Charlie Big Potato, Secretly and Lately singles to the discography. I shall try and get the lyrics for them and hopefully for Carmen Queasy which everyone has been asking for!

Carmen Queasy (2000-05-30 11:01:51) (posted by Kelv)
Skin has teamed up with the Prodigy's Maxim Reality for a new single called Carmen Queasy. Watch out for a UK release late May.

SA rock the Docks (2000-05-30 10:59:10) (posted by Kelv)
The only SA show for 2000 to date, they'll be hitting London's Doclands arena as part of a top lineup including NIN, Machinehead, Rollins Band, Perfect Circle and Queen Adreena. In Skins own words "We're looking forward to terrorising home soil in our only UK gig this year". Don't miss it!

Site Updates (1999-09-22 03:26:35) (posted by Kelv)
The video and audio depts were lacking for quite a while now, so I decided to update them. I'll be adding more to to collection, including realaudio, wav, au and mp3 clips. I hope to add a little selection from each album, and a few of the singles, plus bits from interviews, etc. Quick disclaimer: There won't be any full mp3 clips so don't ask for them! That'd be ripping off SA(though I'm sure the record co probably steal away most of it!)

Post Orgasmic Lyrics (1999-09-15 12:03:22) (posted by Kelv)
A bit overdue, but the lyrics to tracks from Post Orgasmic Chill are now in the lyrics & guitar tabs section for your perusal. I'd really appreciate any guitar tabs for POC, as I've none at all (and my personal ones are not accurate enough to put online).

New Oct & Nov 99 Dates (1999-09-04 05:01:40) (posted by Kelv)
If you live in Europe, skip over to the tourdates section now! Right after the England gigs, SA play no less than France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Enjoy! Any gig reviews would be more than welcome :)

News System Overhaul (1999-08-22 14:36:12) (posted by Kelv)
I've now unleashed my just completed news system on you! Hopefully I should now be able to do some much cooler stuff with the site (such as a trusted few people being able to add/edit articles themselves via a webpage), and save myself a lot of editing time too. The top 6 news items now auto update in the main index too.

USA Tour Dates (1999-08-22 12:47:36) (posted by Kelv)
The Skunks are hitting the states for a month, with 13 gigs supporting Sevendust. Here are the tour dates, albeit a bit late! Appologies to all you west coasters :)

Skunks on CD:UK (1999-07-25 14:37:09) (posted by Kelv)
I was invited by the folks at CDUK (a music show on English TV, for those abroad) to see the Skunks playing Lately yesterday, and for free too :) It was great. I was literally two feet away from Skin, watching as she had a quick tune-up on her guitar. While other stuff was going on at the show, I plucked up the courage and went and said hi to Cass. He's such a top bloke! We had a good little natter, and he even remembered my name from when he'd visited my website.

Alas the security people had banned cameras otherwise I'd put the pics online, but I did manage to get the show taped at home, so I'll be putting a few piccies up soon :)

More Oz Gig Dates (1999-05-19 08:46:32) (posted by Kelv)
Thanks going out to Vi for yet more Australian gig dates. Check the pages. Also, thanks going out to Whaley for some handy venue info.

New Oz Tour Dates! (1999-05-17 13:46:05) (posted by Kelv)
Skunksters in Oz will be pleased to hear Skin and the gang should be rockin' it up at The Arena,Brizbane and The Mercury Lounge, Melbourne, on 23rd and 28th July. Many thanks to Violator for those :))

Discography Update (1999-05-13 10:15:22) (posted by Kelv)
Well I'm sort of half way there.. been rewriting the searchy script thing and adding some of POC to it, so now the discography is not lacking as much as it was. So far, the list of tracks (minus tabs and lengths) are there, plus the lyrics for the first two tracks Charlie Big Potato and On My Hotel TV. Keep watching! :)

Secretly B-Sides (1999-05-07 18:54:57) (posted by Kelv)
Out on two CDs, Secretly is the 2nd release from POC to date. The cover depicts Skin and co hanging out beside a road in the middle of nowhere (looks like somewhere in America).

CD1 contains Secretly, Killing Psychotic Size and Painkillers, with Secretly, Breathing, and Secretly - Optical Vocal Mix on CD2.

Unfortunately I'm stuck until the 10th before I can get at the singles, so no reviews for now (though Secretly as you know if you've got POC, is excellent).

Site Updates (1999-05-02 23:14:17) (posted by Kelv)
New tour dates are available on the touring page at last!

Also, provided I get time to sort it, I'll get my scanner back from work so I can update the discography. I might even get time to type in all the lyrics!

If anyone has guitar tabs for tracks from POS I'd be forever in your debt! :)

Secretly Single Out! (1999-05-02 21:36:26) (posted by Kelv)
Secretly will be released as a single on Monday (3-5-99). I'ts a bank-holiday here so providing at least one local record store is open, I'll grab a copy tommorrow and let you know (+ the b-sides).

I'm Not Afraid (1999-03-21 12:58:53) (posted by Kelv)
The end track on the album (and nice and relaxed too) I'm Not Afraid brings to a close what so far sounds like a great record. We're now at the end of the wait too! Cash at the ready I'll try and grab P.O.C before I get into work (though boss won't let us have sound on! bah.. I'll have to sit and look at it all day!). Anyway, Skins explanation of I'm not afraid is this. "We ended the first album with this kind of "rise-up" sort of thing. And the second album ends with this taking-the-piss thing because everyone took us so fucking seriously. And then this album is more kind of like a warm feeling. Like it's the beginning of something more important. Something new. We're really solid now. Tight and close. It's a song about that."

Listen to it here

You'll Follow Me Down (1999-03-19 15:22:07) (posted by Kelv)
Ok, I'm insanely busy so you don't get my stance on You'll Follow Me Down (oh great loss I hear you say ;)) Skins explains "That's about pushing somebody away because they have no idea what they're about to get into. You can behave in really disgusting ways but it's like I dont want you to forgive me - because every time you forgive me it means I can start again. Almost martyristic"

Listen to it here

Cheap Honesty (1999-03-18 12:41:35) (posted by Kelv)
Oh I don't want to wait another 4 days!! "Just because you're being honest about who you're fucking or whatever, doesn't mean that it's a good situation. It doesn't mean that you're dealing with people in the right way. You're still cheapening what you have"

Listen to it here

Good Things Dont Always Come To You (1999-03-17 11:15:06) (posted by Kelv)
Ok, based on the fact the server that my SA site runs on nearly trashed itself and had me up half of last night fixing it; that another machines power supply blew up, my student loan repayments started, and I just gave myself a papercut, I'd say that Skins definition is spot on... "Good things don't always come to you - don't matter who you are or what you're doing. Life is complicated unless you take this conformist angle. Unless you become one of the conformist masses." (in my case, going to bed on time and finishing stuff off the next day instead of staying up all night ;)).

Listen to it here

Oh Just Lately... (1999-03-15 22:05:30) (posted by Kelv)
Lately is mellow.. I really like it! Just fits my mood right now (00:24am) and I'm feeling all mellow and relaxed. So many people (me included) can totally identify with Skins description... "It's about quite a melancholy, depressive period. I don't smoke at all, I've never smoked in my life but I've always been around people who've smoked. When you're around people who smoke weed, they always pass it around, you never smoke on your own, it's a social thing." (sounds so much like my ol' uni days..)

Listen to it here

The Skank Heads (1999-03-14 17:21:33) (posted by Kelv)
Todays track from P.O.C is called The Skank Heads. It's excellent stuff - couldn't describe it any better than Skin does..." That's a song with a lot of different characters in it. It's just a very angry song. It's about certain people we've met - certain skankheads, people who try and skank you when you're in a band. Just trying to t'ief you all the time. The skankheads."

Listen to it here

Post Orgasmic Chill Track Listing (1999-03-12 21:19:04) (posted by Kelv)
Thought it'd be a sensible idea to give the track listing for Post Orgasmic Chill! :o)

Charlie Big Potato, On My Hotel TV, We Don't Need Who You Think You Are, Tracy's Flaw, The Skank Head's, Lately, Secretly, Good Things Don't Always Come To You, Cheap Honesty, You'll Follow Me Down, And This Is Nothing That I Thought I had, I'm not Afraid

Charlie Big Potato released (1999-03-02 18:38:03) (posted by Kelv)
I didn't manage to get it first day, but Charlie Big Potato is now in my CD collection. As well as the title track, there are two others, Feel and 80's Mellow Drone. Feel, as the name implies, is a soft, slow and emotional affair - Skin gets her voice to impressive heights during the gentle ending. 80s Mellow Drone in comparison is quite up-beat, raising the pace for the end of the single. An added bonus is that if you pop the single into the CD-Rom drive on your PC, you can watch the video to Charlie Big Potato - tres cool! :)

Stalker (1999-02-15 16:46:58) (posted by Kelv)
I guess stalkers are one of the things anyone in the public eye may have to deal with, and Skin apparently has been dealing with it now for around 18 months :o( The story goes like this, in Skins words...

"It's a mad bitch fan who lives in America. She's completely out of her box. We've had the police and Interpol involved, but there's nothing you can do until they attack or threaten you."

"We met this woman outside our tour bus. It was one of those situations where you're nice to someone, then start to realise `This is really weird'. We went back inside the bus, and she started banging on the door."

"Since then, she's made death threats and sent voodoo dolls to my home, which is quite scary. I'm not even allowed to open my own mail anymore. But the police say her letters aren't threatening enough to convict her. She has to make a physical or verbal attack."

Secretly... (1999-02-06 23:54:28) (posted by Kelv)
A new track Secretly by our favourite band will feature among the sountracks of a new movie Cruel Intentions. A US release will appear on March 2nd through Virgin. Other tracks include Colorblind by the Counting Crows and a remix of Placebo track "Every You Every Me" by the Sneaker Pimps.

New Release! Charlie Big Potato (1999-01-30 20:42:34) (posted by Kelv)
The first single from the new album is out, and are you in for a treat. Charlie Big Potato sounds wicked, and if you have RealAudio you can see what I mean!! It starts off all drum & bass, which merges into more familiar (and quite heavy too! woohoo!) guitar territory. Should be on the HMV shelves by the time you've read this.

Are you ready for the Post Orgasmic Chill? (1999-01-14 12:31:03) (posted by Kelv)
A funky name for the new album, Post Orgasmic Chill is just about complete! I've no idea what'll be on it, but imagine it'll be nothing short of excellent - they've spent a lot more time on their third album rather than rush it. No track listings available yet, but apparently the shortlist is now down to 30 or so. The gang are taking a well deserved break in Europe before the big launch in March, when I'll be down to the record store faster than a fast thing ;)

SA at MTV Music Awards (1998-11-12 19:29:47) (posted by Kelv)
None other than Skin and Mark were at the MTV Music awards (televised virtually everywhere!). After a quick greeting (in Italian!), they handed out the Best Song award to Natalie Imbruglia for Torn from her debut album, Left Of The Middle.

New Album for March 1999 (1998-07-20 08:17:16) (posted by Kelv)
Woohoo!!! The Skunks are working away on their new album at the moment, hopefully to get to the shops around March 99. It'll be their first new work via Virgin Records, following the end of their relationship with their initial label One Little Indian. I'll keep you posted with more info as soon as I get it :)

The Skunks visit my website (1997-09-25 17:22:53) (posted by Kelv)
I got a message on my guestbook from Mark himself. Check this out!

Name: Mark
 Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
 From: Skunk
 Time: 1997-09-25 17:17:00
 Comments: Hi Kelv! Just a quick note from your friendly, computer 
illiterate drummer. We're in Toronto (yes, still on tour!) and I just 
wanted to say that I think the
 up-date is great. We know how much work it takes and it's massively 
welcomed. Don't forget you're always expected at a Skunk gig, so get 
you're arse down there.
 What is the latast? Well, We're on tour with Rule 62 in the States and 
things are v.good. Doing a couple of gigs with the Prodigy in France and 
Spain and after that it's
 promo up until Xmas. Then I'm going home to see my folks for the first 
time since last Xmas! Everyone else, I think, is going to the sun. Ace is 
still finding pedels for
 his guitar that he didn't realise existed, Cass is taking more photos 
than a psychotic David Bailey, Skin's gone Psion crazy with the rest of 
the world, whilst still being the
 worlds greatest explorer into the realms of new fashions and baggage! I 
am considering getting into video and want to put together my own Skunk 
video (for my own
 pleasure) and also keep a journal which, together with Cass' photos, 
would one day like to do some kind of book. Well, that's us, keep up the 
good work. Tonights show,
 my friend, is for you.YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY SKUNKED!!!!!!!!! See 

Needless to say, I'm pleased! :))

US & Canada Tour Dates for May-August 97 (1997-04-11 14:31:16) (posted by Kelv)
Click here to see them.

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