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9th September 1997 - New USA/Canada touring dates

Are you in those places? If so.. lucky you! :)

1st September 1997 - Kelv's SA Picture archive opens

I just finished work on my pictures archive. On view are dozens of Skunk pictures I scanned in using a Hauppauge WinTV card. I've split it into sections as having them all in one page would make for massive download time on modem. The viewer is in Java, so you'll need it to view them. My appologies to all non Java owning people :)

28th July 97 - All new look!

I got tired of the old look for the page, so I've created a new one. There's more in graphics, so download time is increased a little. It worked perfectly fine for several people I know using 28.8k modems. I'm trying to add this new look to the whole site, but it will take a while. Hope you like it so far anyway :)

4th June 97 - Lots of changes (webring)

Henry Dore has set up a web ring for Skunk Anansie, and we've all got together over email to sort things out. It's all just about finalised and the webring links should appear on the site very soon. Also, I am contemplating a Java version of my site, which I may offer alongside the old one rather than instead of, as I know many people don't have Java support yet.

30th May 97 - RealAudio Brazen

I decided to add a RealAudio format sound clip of each song as it is released. The first of which is for Brazen. It's enough of the song to let you get the idea of it. Available in 28.8k mono/stereo, and ISDN versions, offsite at my Geocities space.

11th April 97 - More Guitar tabs

Tabs added for Selling Jesus, and Charity :o)

7th April 97 - Guitar tabs

Due to loads of requests for guitar tabs, I've been trying to make some tabs for the songs I can play. So far I've done Weak, but more will appear when I've got time.

12th Mar 97 - Big grin

- These pages featured on Help! with Red Ronny (music show on TMC2 - Italian TV). Thanks to Marco Borgonovo for the videocassette!

28th Feb 97 - Realaudio streams

First local realaudio stream added... more to come hopefully.

18th Feb 97 - New updates and sections

The all new (if a little small) pictures section is available! Also added Hedonism into discography/info.

24th Jan 97 - New Stoosh review

A good review of Stoosh by Melissa Fox.

8th Dec 96 - Visitor page added

I've had so much great complimentary email from you all I decided to make a visitors page. Check the email from SA themselves!!

5th Dec 96 - Stoosh lyrics added

I finally had time to put the lyrics together for Stoosh. Also, the All I want, and Twisted (Everyday hurts) singles have been sorted too.

27th Nov 96 - Guitar tabs

Lots of people have emailed me recently regarding guitar tabs for some of the SA tracks. I'm doing my best to find some, but if anyone has tabs themselves they'd like to contribute, I'd apreciate it!!

21st Nov 96 - Rant's n Raves

I'd like to set up an opinions/rants/raves section on here if I can, so everyone can see what everyone else is thinking about SA's music, etc. Starting off, I'd like views on Stoosh. Do you like it? Hate it? Email and tell me, and I can get on with putting things here!

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